Ingo Rauth

Adj. ProfDesign & Management
IE Business School

When established ways do not work anymore, most people realize that they have never learned how to create a desirable future.

Ingo (PhD, Adj. Prof. IE Business School, Design & Management) is an energetic scholar who works with educators, innovation leaders and teams innovating better futures while traveling the globe. Ingo’s scholarly side is balanced with 10 years of experience as a professional designer. Here, he worked with globally operating fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Doing so, he and his colleagues muddled through dozens of innovation projects. Experiencing a good chunk of mall functioning innovation systems first hand, he set out to do something about them. This led him to pursue a PhD in innovation management. Fueled by his quest for innovation, Ingo engaged with multinational organizations in the US and Germany (P&G, SAP, Panasonic, Deutsche Bank) as well as tons of theory. Through this, Ingo found a unique value in combining research and practice and decided to work between the fields - a professional suicide according to some of his academic colleagues. Motivated by this challenge, Ingo is committed to find ways to combine research and practice through applied research, experienced based education as well as 1:1 innovation leadership coaching

Ingo’s journey has taken him to live in 6 countries, move 27 times, sell everything he owned 3 times and made him reinvent his life again and again. Challenging at times, Ingo realized that he could use design to help himself as well as others. This got him passioned about design your life.