The EventsCase “Do-It- Yourself” Packages at Only £250 Per Product

We are giving you the chance to fully explore the strength of the EventsCase platform through this “Do-It-Yourself” promo. You can enjoy four of our major products for only £250 each!

It’s “Do-It- Yourself” in a sense that you will be getting minimal direction from the EventsCase team while you take full advantage of our event management solutions. You will have access to our Wiki with over 175 questions already answered, guides and over 25 tutorial videos.

Tip: Additional customer support packages are also available at affordable rates. We’d be happy to provide you a more specialised service if you wish so!

Effortlessly build an information-packed, one-page event website. Let potential attendees know what your event is about and why they should not miss it. Design the website with helpful modules and add various forms of media to attract customers!


  • Silver website
  •  Unlimited pages
  • Your own web domain
  • Essential modules included (Header, Speakers, Agenda, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Description, Tickets)


If you would want our PRO website pack or prefer to have our customer support team working closely with you as you design your website, we’d be happy to introduce you to some affordable add-ons.

For more information about this product, visit the Event Website




There’s no need to fret over online registrations when you can use the EventsCase registration platform! Accept online payments via Stripe and automatically send tickets to your attendees after successful registrations.


  • £250 covers a maximum of 250 registrations. 
  •  Additional fees will only apply for PAID events (£250 waiver if exceeds that amount):
    •  EventsCase ticket commission: 2.5% plus 30p per transaction, capped at £4.99
    •  Payment Gateway processing fee: 1.4% + £0.20 for European cards, 2.9% + £.020 for non-European cards

More information about this product, visit the Event Registrations page


Provide your attendees with a dedicated mobile app for your event that works alongside the web version to improve overall user experience. It’s a mobile solution with rich functionalities to increase attendee engagement during your event.


  • Your event published under the EventsCase App (native for Android & iOS)
  •  Standard app with your own branding and configurable public/private login. Contacts us if you need your own branded app or any add-ons.


  • List of attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors with filters
  • Own profiles and messaging system
  •  Advanced schedule (multi-stream and multiple days)
  • Rate (0 to 5 Stars) sessions and speakers
  • Take notes
  • Add to favourites (personalised agendas and favourite lists of attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors)
  • Event activity feed
  •  Floor plan
  •  Push notifications & reminders
  • Analytics

More information about this product, visit Event App



The EventsCase 1-2- 1 Meeting Scheduler is a powerful matchmaking solution that can be used in business conferences, trade exhibitions, and other events where one-to- one networking is a major selling point. For only £250, it can be yours!


1-2- 1 Meeting Scheduler & Agenda Builder (Suitable for Hosted Buyer type of events):

  • Branded
  • Unlimited time slots and tables
  • Unlimited attendee category types
  • Build event agenda for attendees for personalised agenda
  • Add notes, import to calendar and download agenda
  • Registration process as ‘filter search’

  • Upload attendee list
  • Attendee profile
  • Automatic notifications (welcome, new request, accepted, cancelled)
  • Reports to manage meetings on-site
  • Meetings and engagement analytics
  • Admin control panel

More information about this product, visit 1-2- 1 Meeting Scheduler & Agenda Builder



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