Past Events 

The event industry is a dynamic business environment with a constantly changing landscape. For this reason event professionals must adapt to the latest trends in technology, event design and consumer needs.

EventsCase closes the gap between event organizers and technology providers. With EventsCase's long experience in providing event management solftware solutions, we have decided not only to help event organizers - we are becoming event organizers ourselves!

With our events, we intend to help event organizers to learn how to make the event organisation process as easy as possible. more about our innovative products, what's new in our Roadmap, new feature releases and integrations, as well as the new trends within the event tech industry. In addition, thought leaders will be invited to ExEC events so that everyone can learn new concepts in an environment created specifically for event professionals.

Since our core values ​​at EventsCase are friendly, innovative and dynamic, we are inviting the event organizers to be part of a new community where everyone is welcome and where networking is encouraged.




Companies that have attended ExEC