28 September 2017, 9-6 pm, THE AMSTERDAM EYE MUSEUM


 How to navigate the current investment climate and what is the investment outlook? Which strategies to invest  in and how to allocate, what is the latest thinking on certain strategies and how to profit from them, how  important are operations and investment processes, which strategy will make you money, what are the latest  trading ideas, what are the importance of emerging markets for investors, the effect of passive investing on  active managers… how and to which ideas should you be allocating… what are you missing? How to view the investment world through the eyes of a legend……

Only a Legend can answer this….


For international investors to hear from some of the world’s leading alternative investment “legends”.

- How should you position your portfolio for the last quarter?
- Prepare your views on the markets for 2018
- Learn from some of the smartest investors in the world on how they are positioning themselves
- …as well as hear from others and swap ideas, gain new insights to different strategies.
- What should you do with your portfolio in these turbulent times?
- Pick up the latest investment ideas and opportunities!
- Understand how institutions are investing and how to approach the market
- Educate yourself on what alternative investments can offer your portfolio
- No sales pitches …… just pure legendary content!
- Promote best practices, transparency and to show that the industry can evolve and improve.


For managers to meet investors and swap ideas, as well as to present themselves and network in a professional environment. We will also have significant media opportunities available.

We also want to promote best practices, transparency and to show that the industry can evolve and improve.

It is an opportunity to network and meet. Investors to meet managers. Managers to meet investors. Service providers to meet managers and investors.

At the same time, we will raise money for Alternatives 4 Children.

Alternatives 4 Children (A4C) is an independent charitable foundation established in 2011 in the Netherlands with the aim to involve professionals from the (Alternative) Financial industry. Originally founded by professionals from the Dutch Alternatives Industry, we are now open to all countries and people from the financial industry. We are currently in the process of opening a London Chapter.

Our mission is to improve and develop children’s wellbeing with a focus on developing countries and the Netherlands to providing long lasting alternatives to children in need with a focus on education. We:
• Raise funds from the financial industry with a focus on the alternative investment network; and
• Carefully select projects involved with children in order to:
• Help children get access to (a better) education; and
• Ultimately help populations become self-sustainable.

To find out more visit http://a4c.nl/



We ask for portfolio managers, allocators, non commercial roles and investors (subject to discretion of organizers) to make a small donation. We offer 2 possibilities - either EUR100  or EUR 150.  If you wish to donate more please let us know.

Anyone else wishing to attend, the following support scale is applied and will be limited in numbers to accommodate our prescribed ratios:

  • Commercial role (EUR 500)
  • Service Provider (EUR 750)
  • Third Party marketer (EUR 1 000)

Numerous donation packages exist and can be tailor made to your needs.  Please contact us to request the donation form.

This is a non commercial event and we are all putting our time and effort into this as volunteers. Please excuse us if things aren’t always perfect.  We hope to make this a huge success and to raise money for A4C. We can only do this if we have everyone’s help and support. You also understand that Alternatives 4 Children can not be held responsible for the cancellation of the event, or associated costs incurred by attendees should the event be cancelled.

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By clicking “make donation”and attending the event you have confirmed that you have read, understood and agreed to the legal terms and conditions of this website. You also: (i) Agree that such information will apply to any subsequent access to this website by you, and that all such subsequent access will be subject to the disclaimers, risk warnings and other information set out herein; and (ii) Warrant that no other person will access this website from the same computer and logon as you are currently using.

Starts:  09:00:00 AM

We want to promote best practices, transparency and to show that the industry can evolve and improve. At the same time, we will raise money for Alternatives 4 Children.

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Venue Address: Amsterdam, The Netherlands                                                                             Venue Name: EYE Museum