We know security is critical in your business, we can guarantee a total protection
of your data.
Put us to test!


  • Security: A very important element in our work philosophy. We ensure total protection of all of your private information. Large companies, such as Telef√≥nica or BBVA, have already put us to the test with direct attacks on our system.
  • White label: The brand is very important for the reputation of a financial institution, so, in order to retain the trust placed in you by the user, EventsCase remains in the background and does not appear directly in any of the contracted products.
  • Customisable: Emails, web, registration and apps are adapted to your needs, with the sections that you choose, and the design that you like.
  • Multilanguage: You can choose the language you need (English, French, German...). Arabic, Russian and Mandarin are already available and we continue working to expand the range.
Eventscase Bank

Specific security measures

  • Peripheral security: We use peripheral security measures to prevent attacks even before requests reach the server with a firewall, CDN and load balancers system.
  • Non stop software audit: We have specialised personnel in security that carries out internal audits to the updates of our systems. In addition, we continuously perform external audits with our customers to ensure the security of your data.
  • Independent infrastructure: We install a copy of the software under an independent server infrastructure, to provide greater security, stability and traceability of the data.