Do you think your event is too small?

We offer a solution that adapts to any budget


  • Save a lot of time: Create a form in minutes that your guests can fill out, they will be confirmed and then automatically receive information in real time without you having to do anything. Access your preferences easily and generate tickets, accreditations or even invoices (if it is a paid event); keep your attendees informed by email in a very simple way. If it is a promotional event, we will help you with the management of invitations and the post-event marketing.
  • Brand coherence: An event, however small, must show a strong image as this is the key to your company in having a modern and attractive brand image.
  • Get more data: Collect data easily and access it, using it for current and future events, such as: who attends, why, when, how the attendee arrived, what they were looking for, allergies, among other questions. If it is a promotional event, it will help you to get permission to send them promotional emails about future events and services.
  • Easy set up: We help you create your first event - with the following events it’ll be as simple as clicking on the "Duplicate" button.