Telecommunications companies

We know how complex it can be to organise an event, whether large or small scale. We offer an all-in-one tool that will make your event more successful, while saving your team time to invest in what is really important


  • Registration and ticketing: Collect all of the data from each event in the same place. You can manage tickets, invoices and accreditations with your own web domain and all without stress, papers or errors.
  • Modular: You can buy the product you need at any time. With no commitments, you are able to extend your deal and the products requested when you need.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is the latest product added to our software. It allows you to carry out mass email campaigns and provide statistics to optimise your work. Another feature included is remarketing: a fundamental strategy to segment and customise the information you want to send.
  • Customisable: Your brand, your standards. Easily decide the modules, the sections and the design of the products that you acquire.
  • Security: Security is a very important element in our work philosophy. We ensure total protection of all customer’s data. Large companies, such as Telefónica or BBVA, continue to trust our security.
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Specific security measures

  • Peripheral security: We use peripheral security measures to prevent attacks, even before requests reach the server, with a firewall, CDN and load balancers system.
  • Non stop software audit: We have specialised personnel in security that carries out internal audits to the updates of our systems. In addition, we continuously perform external audits with our customers to ensure the security of your data.
  • Independent infrastructure: We install a copy of the software under an independent server infrastructure, to provide greater security, stability and traceability of the data.