Pharmaceutical industry: Organise the educational content of your conferences in an easy and effective way

Encourages networking in the industry by building links among members of the pharmaceutical community

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  • Service and quality: We are by your side to solve any doubt before, during and after the event. You acquire software, you receive a service and complete support and attention.
  • Modular: You don’t have to buy all of our products or know what you will need in the future. EventsCase allows you to use and pay only what you need, being able to request more services at any time.
  • Data collection: Store and manage the data collected in your events in one place. To do this, use our on site check in / out app to collect the CPD credits (Continuing Professional Development) and abstracts.
  • Networking: Use the 1-2-1 tool to enhance the meetings between professionals in the sector who can share experiences.
  • Easy to use: A "drag and drop" system makes the tool very intuitive and allows you to make advanced designs easily.
  • Customisable: Web and app tools are adapted to your needs, with the sections that you choose, and the design that you like the most.
Eventscase Pharma
Eventscase Pharma

Specific security measures

  • Peripheral security: We use peripheral security measures to prevent attacks even before requests reach the server with a firewall, CDN and load balancers system.
  • Non stop software audit: We have specialised personnel in security that carries out internal audits to the updates of our systems. In addition, we continuously perform external audits with our customers to ensure the security of your data.
  • Independent infrastructure: We install a copy of the software under an independent server infrastructure, to provide greater security, stability and traceability of the data.