We are by your side if you need our support

We will send you our pre-configured Onsite Box, wherever you want and should you prefer, you can count on our expert staff to support you, on-site, during your event

Printing your badge in just a matter of seconds

Printing your badge in just a matter of seconds

1 Search your name
2 Check-In
3 Print
4 Go to Check-In
Icon Search your name Icon Check-In Icon Print Icon Go yo Check-In
Step-1 Search your Name Step-2 Check-In Step-3 Print Step-4 Go to Check-In
Each registered attendee looks for their name on a tablet. There are three options:
  • Type their name in the search engine to locate their badges
  • Scan the QR that has previously arrived by mail
  • Identification via facial recognition

Verify that everything is correct (possibility of changes)

Print the badge

Once they have their badge,
check-in to access the event

What are the Onsite Box?

The On-Site Box you receive will have all the necessary material to print the badges of your attendees. Each of these boxes contain the app kiosk, tablets, printers and 4G routers which are used to synchronise all the tools together. The size of your event will depend on the number of devices we will send to you.

Onsite Box

Self-printing of accreditations

We offer you two possibilities. The badges can be preprinted with a blank space, on to which a sticker, printed by the attendee, containing their personal data is placed or alternatively, we can provide you with a special and personalised format that prints the badge with the personal data of the attendee already included.

Easy to use

The system is so simple,because it’s sent preconfigured, connect it and it works! You do not need any technical knowledge as the process is very intuitive.

Easy to use

Expert staff

You can count on us to assist even further!. We know that some events, due to their complexity, are very demanding, and maybe, to offer the best possible experience to your attendees. you may need some additional support? We can provide expert staff to assist you on-site with the entire registration and badging process.