Launch Virtual Events Quickly and Effectively

Switch from in-person to virtual events in no time and without coding skills.

Available to all customers at no extra cost, ‘Virtual Events’ uses a link-based system to broadcast high-quality video on a customised event app and website.

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    As the event organiser, you have two options. We can offer you a turnkey solution to help you fastforward the launch of your virtual event or you can add the link of your favourite streaming or video conference supplier within each session yourself. Adding a link enables the ‘Play’ button for each session on a customised event app and website agenda module.

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    Engage your users by inviting them to look into speaker and session information via a Smart TV-inspired interface. You may also allow them to take part in fun games, online Q&A, chat and live polling.

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    Real networking with private messages, news feed, and forums. Build contacts via the event app with 1-2-1 networking capabilities - the meeting scheduler has been enhanced with a new video call option.

Streaming: Worldwide

Realization: Only in Spain

Broadcast Services

Upcoming: The next big thing, Your Virtual Community

When running a series of events, engage your attendees with an all year round and cyber-secure 'virtual community' that employs your own brand. Your members will have access to upcoming events, forums, blogs and announcements. This community feature is also loaded with networking and sponsorship opportunities which you can monetise.

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