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Event registration and ticketing software

It would be difficult to summarise everything that our event registration software can offer you.

Each event is different and you need a event registration software that would adapt to your requirements

Each event is different and you need a event registration software that would adapt to your requirements

We are sure that we can help you. But the reality is that registration requirements are as nuanced as events themselves.

Describing all the functionalities of our tool would take too long, and it wouldn't help you either to know up to what extent we can adapt to your needs.

This time we are not going to start by telling you what we have to offer and its corresponding advantages. We are simply going to give you some examples.

It'd be better if you click below. We can talk for a few minutes, study your case and propose a solution.

It's that easy

Some examples that showcase the power of our event registration software

Centralised data

The registration process is a cornerstone for every event. Using our all-in-one management software, you can ensure that attendee data will always be synchronised for all tools.

For example, you can control what content each type of attendee sees in the app based on the type of ticket they have purchased or the link they have used to register.

Bespoke registration forms

You can create custom registration forms for different types of attendees.

For example, you can create unique questions for attendees who register through a specific link.

Public or private events

From simple public events to exclusive events where only specific attendees can attend.

For example, private events where attendees have to be part of an invite list and be manually approved based on their responses to the registration form.

Ticketing software

For example, you can create promotional codes that are applied automatically through a private link. Once the ticket is paid, the money will reach your account directly and an invoice will be issued with VAT or without VAT depending on the country from which the ticket is being purchased.

Design adapted to your brand

You can customise the appearance of the registration page so that it adapts 100% to your brand.

For example, you can edit the domain, the colours, the header, and the background image. You can also personalise all confirmation messages and emails.

Tracking of marketing campaigns

You can analyse which marketing campaigns are working best.

This can be very useful to determine the return on investment of your campaigns, to change your strategy (if needed), to attract more attendees, and to save money.

Automatic emails

You can configure automatic emails that will be sent to attendees when specific conditions are met.

For example, you can send an automatic email to all attendees who registered themselves, and a different one to those you manually registered from the control panel.

Centralized attendee management

You can check the list of people who have registered for the event in real time and in detail.

For example, you can write an email to people who have started to register but have not finished. You may also search for attendees who have answered something specific to any question in the registration form and send them a segmented email.

Registration to specific sessions

Allow your attendees to register for private sessions easily.

For example, you can create ticket types that would allow your attendees to register for 2 private sessions—and more expensive ones that would allow attendees to register for 4 private sessions.

Neil Thompson
The Delegate Wranglers

Love Eventscase!

We have worked with Eventscase for 12 months and they have been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Their event registration software, which we use for the DW Live Show and more, is really easy to use and master. They provide great support too - what's not to love?