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Your goals

Boost networking

Not only do we bring people together in physical, virtual, or hybrid environments, we also foster and enrich their connections, facilitating networking.

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How do we achieve it:

With 1 to 1 meetings

Securely connect your attendees to each other in any physical, virtual or hybrid environment, via desktop or mobile app. An opportunity for them to establish contacts and generate leads.

With the exhibitor’s area

A tailor-made and fully customizable site for your exhibitors and sponsors where they can create relevant connections by:

Adding and sharing content.
Connecting with potential customers.

With video calls and messaging channels

The place where we foster spontaneous connections between people; letting the attendees instantly know who is online so they can send private messages to each other.

Advanced filters to find attendees, enhancing opportunities for relevant meetings to take place.
1-2-1 or group video calls.