IoT Event 2020

"Making IoT Happen - From Pilot to Payback"




Session 1 of 3 | September 24th 2020 | State of the Industry





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September 24th 2020

"State of the Industry" Intro Session

Opening and Introduction to the Event, "The market perspective (size and growth) (Top Down view)", "The business case perspective (Bottom Up view)", "The investment perspective (as panel or presentation)", The regulatory perspective, Wrap up of the day & outlook to next session, Facultative networking session in breakout rooms


October 1st 2020

"Demand Side" Focus Session

Opening and Recap of Session 1, IoT use cases how to deploy and scale - Manufacturing, IoT use cases how to deploy and scale - Transport & Logistics "Campus networks, What have we learned from operating models?, How relevant are platforms?", 10 1 min. statements expectations of the industry, Mentimeter session & Wrap up


October 8th  2020

"Supply Side" Focus Session

Welcome and setting the scene for the day, Recap Session I and II, How will eco systems evolve - have a comprehensive / holistic view on the value chain, 1) Connectivity, 2) Device, 3) Platform, 4) Service provisioning, Panel

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