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Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

Your social media strategy is not just about what happens during the event. It also needs to cover what happens in the build up and what happens in the aftermath. It’s about building a community around your event, not just for it. It’s about laying the ground... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

You’ve put a huge amount of effort into making sure that your business event went off without a hitch. But the work doesn’t end there. In fact – your business event is just the start of the journey. After you’ve succeeded in grabbing people’s attention with... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

Imagine you could get thousands of people from your target market together in one room - a captive audience, as it were, of your ideal customers. All of whom want to learn more about the subject you want to talk about.   Oh, hang one: you don’t have to imagine.... Read more
Forum   -   General 14/10/2014
#EventProfs Network Jose Bort
We are hosting an event next Thursday 2rd October about ticketing solutions and we'd like to get your opinion from your experience

Forum   -   General 16/10/2014
#EventProfs Network Jose Bort
What would you recommend for someone who would like to start his career within the events industry? Apart from getting some formal training and an internship.

Forum   -   General 08/12/2014
#EventProfs Network Jose Bort
We are hosting an event on 11th December with a panel of experts, join on www.pickevent.com/e/largeevents

If you can't attend, register and leave your questions on the Conversation area

Forum   -   General 14/01/2015
Hellen Beveridge
I am currently conducting a survey for individuals who work across all aspects of the international events industry and I would value your input.
The survey is very short so it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time.
Many thanks

Forum   -   General 08/12/2015
Jennifer Cass
Does anyone have any tips when creating a contingency plan for conference events?

Forum   -   General 11/05/2016
karthika hasini
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