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World-class tools for all your events and meetings no matter the frequency, size or location.
We are white labelled, modular, multi-language, easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant and secure.

We could tell you that we can help you have more attendees, generate more data and reduce costs, but the reality is that what we do best is save you time.

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Event Website

Once your content is ready to upload, you can build your website in a matter of minutes - From landing pages with private areas to sophisticated multi-page websites that are optimised for different languages.

Online Registration

Fully branded, white labelled and multi-language for any event type and size. Includes emailing solution, badge design & distribution, tickets management and much more.

Event management software
App Eventscase

Native Mobile App

Our native app can be used for one or more events and fully synchronizes with the rest of your data. You can customise and brand it your own way, boost engagement by allowing delegates to network via a messaging system and keep all the information in one place.

Onsite Check-In/Out App

Say goodbye to old-fashioned guest lists and use a mobile app dedicated for check-in/out. It adapts to any type of registration, saves you time, provides real time data and improves the attendee experience.

Event check in app Event check in app Event check in app

1-2-1 Meetings

About 75% of people attend events mainly for networking purposes. You can help them with our easy-to-use tool to make these connections happen. The 1-2-1 meeting solution is not simply a messaging tool; it actually concretizes the networking process by allowing attendees to meet up face to face, build their personal agenda with their sessions and planned 1-2-1.

Event management sofware

EventsCase is always adapting to your needs

No matter how big or small your event is, EventsCase adapts to your requirements and not the other way around. It is also modular, white labelled, customisable and multilanguage.

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Really easy to use

Designed to make your life easier, you don't need to be a tech savvy person to use EventsCase. We adapt to your needs and requirements and we have a great support team ready to help you at any time.

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There's no better way to describe EventsCase than through the feedback of our own customers.


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Event management software

Flexible Pricing

We have flexible packages per event, product, and volume of registrations. We can also tailor pricing via product mixes (e.g. website, registration, mobile app, and 1-2-1). Sign up and start your free trial now.

Event Software: What it is and what it is not

We compare our software with the most recognised SaaS

EventsCase is an all-in-one branded event management software that syncs all necessary technologies to help you run and promote your events