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World-class tools for all your events and meetings no matter the frequency, size or location.
We are white labelled, modular, multi-language, easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant and secure.

We could tell you that we can help you have more attendees, generate more data and reduce costs, but the reality is that what we do best is save you time.

jose bort - eventscase ceo

Event Website

As long as your content is ready for upload, you can build your website in a matter of minutes. From landing pages with private areas to sophisticated multi-page websites that are optimised for different languages.

Online Registration

Fully branded, white labelled and multi-language for any event type and size. Includes emailing solution, badge design & distribution, tickets management and much more.

Native Mobile App

Nowadays, most attendees would come to your event for networking. The event app is the perfect tool for this. It helps attendees network by giving them access to the attendee list and individual profiles. It also gives them the opportunity to send private messages and share content with one another.

Onsite Check-In/Out App

Say goodbye to old-fashioned guest lists and use a mobile app dedicated for check-in/out. It adapts to any type of registration, saves you time, provides real time data and improves the attendee experience.

1-2-1 Meetings

About 75% of your attendees come to network. Support the networking process with this meeting scheduler tool that may increase ticket sales and the show-up ratio.

Do you think EventsCase is too much for your company?

Our platform adapts to all types of companies—big or small. It is also modular so that you can use only the products that you need. You just have to want to do things in a simpler and more efficient way.

We are sure that you would find EventsCase helpful so start your free trial now!

But is it complicated to use?

You do not need technical skills to use EventsCase. It understands and adapts to your needs. If you have specific requirements, just let us know. We are a flexible, attentive team and we always aim to improve the experience of our clients. In short, we are an all-for-all event management solution dedicated to make your life simpler.


There's no better way to describe EventsCase than through the feedback of our own customers.

Oliver McCourt

Digital Marketing Manager

"We have used eventscase website, registration and app for each of our GDPR Summit Series events, and we have found each of the elements to work extremely well. The website platform allows us to provide a unique customer experience and has enabled us to stand out from the crowd. We're also really pleased with EventsCase support team."

Gayan Peris

Digital Strategist

"The event was extremely successful, and the app was a huge hit during the festival. I've heard extremely positive feedback and many UN agencies were interested in it. Special thanks to Sam for being a top-notch account manager. His professionalism was a huge part of success in this project. The development team was excellent too."

Jade Woodhall

Event Manager

"The EventsCase software was great for us because of it's flexibility, the team made lots of customisations to suit our needs and were really supportive throughout the whole process - always on hand to answer any questions."

Our clients

Flexible Pricing

We have flexible packages per event, product, and volume of registrations. We can also tailor pricing via product mixes (e.g. website, registration, mobile app, and 1-2-1). Sign up and start your free trial now.