Websites for events

Save insane amounts of time with our website system specifically designed for the events industry.

Take control, be agile, save time and money

If you are tired of having to wait days just to see significant changes to your website.

If you need to make last-minute changes yourself without depending on others.

  • Take control. Make those changes yourself even if you do not have technical knowledge.
  • Be agile. Make changes in real time without delay.
  • Centralised data. Upload event contents that are synchronised with all our solutions, including the website.

Fully synchronised with the registration tool so you can tailor the experience of each attendee

You would want to show exclusive information to specific groups of attendees. This would be impossible if the website is not synchronised with the registration tool.

One problem less. Show different contents to your attendees according to these rules:

  • If they are registered or not
  • If they come from a specific delegate category
  • During specific dates
  • If there is a new moon and Mars and Jupiter are aligned (coming soon)

Do you organise more than one event every year?

You just have to duplicate websites and it's done.

Why redo all the work when you can duplicate past websites and simply work on minor changes?

Of course we have thought about it.

  • Duplicate entire websites from past events to save as much time as possible
  • Duplicate specific parts
  • Reuse images that you have previously uploaded

Save yourself from a big chunk of the work, we have done that for you

We know that designing a website from scratch costs a lot of time and money

We have dozens of predesigned contents to make it easier for you to go online in record time and without having to deal with the entire design and development process.

With our web editor you will be able to design pages yourself easily.

  • Structure the content however you want. Create different pages and link them to the topbar.
  • Include as much content as you want on each page — in different languages if that is necessary.
  • Order different modules, and apply rules so that they are displayed under your preferred conditions.
  • Ready!

I still prefer to work on website projects from scratch

If you want to participate in brainstorming meetings, go through the entire creative process, and end up with a 100% custom design that has to be replicated pixel by pixel, our standard solution might not be the best solution for you.


Surely we would still be your best option for a modular website

  • With all the advantages of having your data centralised in one system.
  • We are a team of high calibre professionals who have developed a complete event management software from scratch.
  • We know the industry.