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Badging for events

A well-designed badge is a very important component of the overall attendee experience. It helps event participants identify one another and, in turn, make more meaningful connections at face-to-face events.

We offer you two options:

Professional badging solution through physical kiosks.

Professional badging solution through physical kiosks.

The ideal option if you want to present a positive image to your attendees. Essential for large events.

You can forget about the hassle of having to sort printed badges by hand in alphabetical order and handing them out to attendees as they arrive at the event.

Using our Onsite Box, you will have both the hardware and the software so that attendees can search for their own badges using iPads and print them on the spot. You may position the kiosks and printers at the registration point.

Pre-printed badges

Pre-printed badges

Eventscase's badge generator allows you to easily design and distribute badges to your attendees.

You can set the size of the template, upload a background image, and add different profile fields to make sure that every badge is eye-catching and contains complete attendee information.

You can also add each attendee's QR code to the badge design. This can be scanned later on for check-ins or lead retrieval.

When it's time to generate the badges, you can send them all to yourself if you intend to print them on your own, or you can send them directly to attendees if you want them to print their badges at home. A4-sized designs can be folded into A6 when equally folded into four parts.