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Boost your productivity with our event technology

We are not going to talk about doing more with less, we are going to talk about doing it better.

Do you know that feeling of satisfaction when you know you have been productive — that you have made good use of your time?

Using our event management software, that feeling will stay with you every day as you manage different types of events.



Connected products and functionalities

One of the main advantages of using an all-in-one event management software is that all products work in a synchronised manner. If you make changes to the event agenda, for example, these modifications will be implemented in all applicable products such as the Website, the Event App, the Digital Venue, etc. Forget about making changes in different places and having to chase team members to do the same task.

Clonable modules

Our Website works with modules, some are predesigned and others are customisable. This allows you to work with a lot of flexibility when designing a website to promote your event. Moreover, you may clone specific modules from one page to another. This allows you to complete your website build with ease and also allows you to save time.

Clonable events

Surely you must have thought of reusing the configurations of one event for another similar event. To satisfy that requirement, you have the option to clone events. In addition, you get to decide which parts or products of the event you want to clone. All of this can be done by clicking on the "Duplicate" button found on every event's control panel.

Through a common workspace for all members of your team.

We offer you a shared workspace where everyone sees what everyone else has done. This saves time spent on meetings, follow-up calls and misunderstandings. If you're worried about sensitive information being available to the entire team, fret not. We have established different levels of permission that allow you to assign roles and tasks to whomever you see fit.

Facilitating communication for attendees using one tool

Your attendees are the main protagonists of your event. Maintaining a constant flow of communication with them can be challenging. This doesn't have to be the case when you can centralise communications from a single source. You can automate the most common emails for registrations, badge distributions, etc. You simply need to configure email templates which will be sent automatically once specific conditions are met. On the other hand, you may also send manual email announcements at anytime or even use push notifications via the event app. This would allow you to save time and prioritise important matters.


All these possibilities and automations will save you time — time that should never be spent in doing things manually.

A team that feels productive is a more engaged and happier team. Take out everyone's burden of having to do manual tasks. Take advantage of the benefits of technology.