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Access control software

Manage access security. Know who attended your event and when exactly—in detail.

Agility, security and professionalism in access control with our event check-in app

Agility, security and professionalism in access control with our event check-in app

Not having a system in place for access control would defeat the purpose of meticulous event planning. You would not want unauthorised attendees to barge in during your events.

You can go old-school and cross names off a list, but that will surely hold up the line and undermine your image.

With our event check-in app, you can make sure that all the people who enter the venue have valid tickets and are registered correctly.

  • Works offline
  • Confirm the validity of tickets and prevent fraud both at the main entrance and in exclusive areas of the venue
  • Know who has attended your event, when—and for how long

Different alternatives for access control

Every event is nuanced that is why we offer different alternatives for event access control: from a check-in app that you can use easily and quickly to systems with specialized hardware for large events.

If you need extremely fast event access control, even under poor lighting conditions, we have PDA's with infrared readers that allow QR code check-in in any situation.

It is also possible to incorporate our technology into the badge printing process, unifying our event access control software and badging system together.

Specialized check-in and attendance control for events

We have designed our access control software for events with industry challenges in mind.

The check-in process is critical in events that is why it must be agile, robust, and professional.

Our event check-in app works even without Internet connection, circumventing problems related to network access during events.

We have a team of professionals with years of experience in the sector who will help you design and plan your event's access control so that everything will run smoothly.

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I feel accompanied and assisted

In today's digital environment, the human factor is a determining factor. In the case of the Eventscase platform, this variable makes the difference and is a highly significant added value. I am currently experiencing and I feel accompanied and assisted by a generous, friendly, qualified, and resolute team. Furthermore, the platform itself is configured in a way that allows the user to make use of it in an agile, simple, and very intuitive way. Personally, I feel safe in their hands as I see how my project is progressing well thanks to their unceasing support