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Event networking software

Facilitate the best meetings for your attendees.

Find the right people

Find the right people

Achieving productive meetings requires planning and dedication.

There's nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted your time simply because you didn't have the right tools at your disposal.

Give your attendees the tools to find the people and companies they are looking for.

  • Find other attendees easily thanks to our filters that may be synchronised with the registration tool.
  • Automatic matchmaking and attendee recommendation systems
  • Management of agendas and availability

Online or face-to-face meetings

Online or face-to-face meetings

It doesn't matter if your event is face-to-face, online or hybrid.

If you want attendees to reserve meeting spaces in-person or via a video call, our system offers you maximum flexibility.

We put special care in creating an optimised user experience for computers, mobile devices and tablets. Your attendees have never had it so easy.

  • One-on-one meetings or between groups of people. Online or in-person.
  • We offer the possibility of defining meeting spaces such as a set number of tables or even meeting rooms with limited capacities.
  • Real-time chats, push notifications and email alerts to make communication as easy as possible.

Shelley Batey
Completely Events Ltd

Eventscase flexibility

Eventscase was a cost-effective, all-inclusive event solution for us. Having previously used other registration software companies, the flexibility of Eventscase and the ability to control communications with clients were stand-out features when selecting our provider. The easily editable templates and the ability to duplicate events for the future make things much quicker and streamline the process for us. Automating email communications means we now have more time for our other admin jobs and have eliminated the number of telephone enquiries we receive from Exhibitors and Delegates. Although Eventscase is an off-the-shelf product, there are still ways to customise the system so that it sits nicely within your pre-existing website and event branding.