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Conference and congress management software

Communicate precisely why attendees should attend your conference, collect relevant data, and amplify the reach of your event with artificial intelligence

A solution that was designed from its inception for conferences

A solution that was designed from its inception for conferences

Our event management software was originally designed for conferences — including conferences that need to be financed through ticket sales and the monetary contribution of sponsors, speakers, and small exhibitors.

No matter the format, be it online, in-person, or hybrid, Eventscase provides you with all the products and tools you need to manage and enhance your conference or congress.

Participation or engagement is vital, and we are one of your best options as our solution was born around specific requirements for conferences. With it, attendees can network with other attendees and make the most out of your event.

Solution for online and in-person conferences

Regardless of the format, our congress and conference management software allows you to capitalise on the value of your content and your audience's participation. Whether through the native conference app or via the web, attendees will be able to enjoy numerous functionalities, including:

  • Accessing the entire agenda and personalising it.
  • Accessing the contents of each session such as the description and the speakers list before, during and after the congress — whether it's online or in-person.
  • Asking questions to the speaker and vice-versa, including answering live polls.
  • We can add gamification components for events to encourage audience participation.

Monetise your conference or congress

Our registration software for conferences and congresses will help you create all types and quantities of tickets and promotional codes, both public and private, free or paid, with or without an invoice, and with or without moderation.

It is used to receive registrations and payments from smaller sponsors and exhibitors, streamlining the process and allowing you to save time. But your event can also be monetised not only through ticket sales. We can also help you to:

  • Advertise sponsors' banners in the event app.
  • Create spaces for sponsorship within specific sessions
  • Implement gamification and sponsored activities

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Engage your audience with artificial intelligence

Engage your audience with artificial intelligence

Attendees come to a conference for two main reasons: knowledge and networking. Our artificial intelligence will recommend the profiles of other attendees of interest as well as exhibitor stands and sessions. This will not only provide an image of innovation and modernity but will also enhance the following for attendees:

  • That they decide to attend on the day of the event
  • That they become repeat conference attendees
  • That they recommend you and your brand

Create a modern image

From your website to other facets such as the registration process, networking tools, meetings, event app, access management, and badge printing. Discover what our conference management software can offer you.

Collect more relevant data

Our tool provides you with relevant statistics about your attendees' behaviour so you can assess the impact of your events. This is made possible not just through the registration process or solely through measuring attendee activities during the event. With artificial intelligence for conferences, you can also observe attendees' interests thanks to conversation analyses using our AI Assistant.