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Event management software for public entities

In the realm of public institutions, every event is a unique opportunity to catalyse change and forge meaningful alliances.

Comprehensive support and leadership in innovation

Comprehensive support and leadership in innovation

We offer more than technology for public institutions; we provide a commitment to success and comprehensive support at all times.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to resolve doubts, offer advice, and ensure smooth operations.

Our constant investment in innovation ensures that your institution remains at the forefront of event management.

Agencies we already work with:
Certified precision and efficiency

Certified precision and efficiency

Our ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications reflect our commitment to quality and security in event management.

By choosing our technology, every aspect of your event will be supported by rigorous compliance processes and robust security protocols.

From planning to execution, we ensure that your events meet the highest standards.

Successful collaboration with world leaders

Our partnership with international public institutions attests to our capacity to manage events on a global scale.

By using our technology, you leverage our experience and best practices in the management of summits and high-profile events.

You can benefit from the same excellence that backs these global institutions.

Advanced customisation and adaptability

We understand that each institution has unique needs and goals.

Our event management software adapts to your specific vision and workflows.

We ensure that each event is designed and executed with precision.

Ana Fernández Salve
Head of Sector - Investment Forums

Essential Support

For us, the support of Eventscase has been essential in the organisation of attendee registrations to the Spain-United Arab Emirates Business Meeting, held on February 2, 2022 at the Dubai Exhibition Center. In addition to the complexity of the market, which requires integration with the DTCM, registering more than 300 people in half an hour would have been impossible without the help of Eventscases solution. Their team has shown great professionalism and flexibility, quickly assuming last minute changes, which contributed to the overall success of the event.

Eventscase is a founding partner of Event Tech Hub, a joint venture with Padcelona that combines the customisation capability of a tech agency with the robustness of Eventscase technology.

Event Tech Hub is the ideal solution if you want to fully outsource your event technology or need high customisation without losing the benefits of working with our established and tested technology, trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

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