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Corporate event management software

We have empowered events of up to 150,000 attendees, for the smallest and largest corporations in the world :)

We take care of your brand

We take care of your brand

With our corporate event management software, everything will be tailored to your brand and image. We also provide tools that will give a modern touch to your corporate events.

How we do it:

  • Giving you the ability to customise your brand including colours, fonts, images, logos, domains, emails, etc.
  • Following the best practices in cybersecurity to ensure that your data is safe and protected.
  • Committing to the highest levels of quality in our service and our products.
  • Providing you with tools to comply with all legal data protection requirements in a professional and straightforward manner.

Quality and cybersecurity

Your database is yours and it is not shared. We have ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications, demonstrating our commitment to the quality and security of our processes and products.

We regularly conduct security tests, both internally and externally through independent entities. We are accustomed to working with the security teams of large companies, which facilitates the processes of internal approval and implementation of projects.

Make your corporate event memorable

We can provide you with the best technology so that you can project a modern image to your clients and employees.

For example, our innovative artificial intelligence is capable of assisting your attendees by suggesting which sessions to attend and who to meet. Thanks to technological innovations like our AI, your attendees will talk about your event, enjoy an improved experience, and share what makes it valuable to other people.

Companies who trust in Eventscase:
Mobile application for corporate events

Mobile application for corporate events

Our corporate event management software includes a mobile application designed to enhance the experience of attendees at corporate events. Among others, we offer the following functionalities:

  • Access to travel documents (flight, train, hotel, etc.)
  • Social wall so that attendees can share their experience with others
  • Event schedule and what to do before, during, and after (the event)

Registration software for corporate events

Our registration software for corporate events will help you set up each event with ease. We understand that some corporate events are open to everyone, while others are limited to a specific department, client, or supplier. With over 10 years of experience in organising events of this type, we understand your needs and will work with you to find the best solution.

Websites adapted to your corporate events

We standardise the way of creating websites for corporate events, saving you time and ensuring brand consistency across all events in your organisation. Create templates and duplicate them to launch new events in minutes. We also offer advanced options specific to these types of events. For example, if your corporate events are private, with our web page editor, you can create areas that only your pre-approved attendees will be able to view.