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Your goals

Engage your attendees

We are committed to our audience, and we make it possible for you to be committed to yours, driving engagement with your attendees.

Let us prove it to you
How do we achieve it:

With live interaction

Interaction tools to engage your attendees, let them shine and contribute when they want to. They are the protagonists.

Q&A and live chat.
Gamification tools.

With your event App

The key to engaging your attendees before and after the event, whether they attend physically or virtually. A way to enhance connections in a different environment.

Connecting your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors (through matchmaking features).
With content, networking, and entertainment one click away.

With the feedback gathering

We encourage active listening. Ask questions and collect feedback from your attendees before, during or after the event.

Spontaneous or planned surveys
Organised data related to the behaviour and interaction of your attendees