Experts in face-to-face event software for more than a decade

From small corporate events to having crowds of thousands. We have all the necessary tools for you to organise a successful event.

Add event contents and create a dedicated website

Manage all your agenda, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors in one place.

Use our website editor to create a dedicated page. We have predefined designs specifically tailored for the sector. Creating a website has never been so easy and quick.

Attendees can also access exclusive content via the website by logging in.

Accommodate free registrations or sell tickets online

Use our registration software to allow your attendees to register or buy tickets.

This registration process is already connected to the rest of our products such as the event app or check-in app. In addition, you will be able to automate communications with your attendees and save time in the process.

Maximise the value of your face-to-face event by offering a professional meeting management system.

Our meetings system is designed to suit your networking requirements. From one-to-one meetings to structured group meetings.

Let your attendees know who will be attending your event and set up meetings in advance to make the most of designated times for networking.

Communicate with your attendees through an app designed exclusively for your in-person event.

Provide your attendees with a native app where they can check all the details of your event, interact, and communicate efficiently.

If you want to boost networking, your attendees will be able to interact with other attendees, arrange meetings, chat through in-app messaging, and share experiences.

The event app is the best tool to communicate with your live audience through push notifications. Make the most of the event day by guiding your attendees in a constant manner.

Efficient access control and badging during your event

We have several alternatives for registration and badging. All of them are designed to minimise queues and for you to take control of your event. Reports and analytics come with these tools too.

Find out which solution best suits your needs and your budget.