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Stand management software for events

Save time, provide exhibitor information to your attendees systematically and guarantee maximum impact for your exhibitors

Automate information management for your stands

Automate information management for your stands

Forget about manually updating information for all your exhibitors

Instead of having to upload all exhibitor information yourself, exhibitors can manage their own stands and provide information.

Stand information is automatically synchronised with all our products without you having to do anything.

  • Save hours of work in managing exhibitor stands.
  • Categorise your exhibitors so that attendees can easily find them.
  • Collect specific information you need from exhibitors through a bespoke registration form.
  • Automated communications, statistics and more.

Integrated networking system

Convert attendees into potential customers thanks to the integration between our Exhibitors product and the meetings system

Use our attendee recommendation system to promote meetings with your exhibitors and help them multiply their contacts.

  • Attendees can schedule meetings with the representatives of each stand to maximise time on the day of the event.
  • Your exhibitors are able to filter and contact attendees in their search for potential customers.
  • During the event, attendees and exhibitors alike can scan each other's QR codes and save new contacts

Guarantee maximum impact for your exhibitors

Show your exhibitors that your event is worth it

Eventscase offers you different strategies to maximise impact and turn your exhibitors into recurring customers.

  • Attendees can easily search for exhibitors in a simple and comfortable way.
  • Obtain analytics on attendees' interest for different stands to carry out more efficient marketing campaigns after the event.
  • And many other interesting things that we can tell you during the demo ;)

Ana Fernández Salve
Head of Sector - Investment Forums

Essential Support

For us, the support of Eventscase has been essential in the organisation of attendee registrations to the Spain-United Arab Emirates Business Meeting, held on February 2, 2022 at the Dubai Exhibition Center. In addition to the complexity of the market, which requires integration with the DTCM, registering more than 300 people in half an hour would have been impossible without the help of Eventscases solution. Their team has shown great professionalism and flexibility, quickly assuming last minute changes, which contributed to the overall success of the event.