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Create sustainable events

The events industry's drive for sustainability is unstoppable and constantly growing. At Eventscase, we are committed to this cause and we do our best to help you achieve environment-friendly events.

While events will always leave a trace in the environment, the aim is to try to minimise this as much as possible. We at Eventscase want to contribute to this goal more actively.



Less paper is possible

We do not want to judge your decisions, but we endeavour to guide you to the right path. We have to be aware of the excessive use of paper in events and the impact that this generates. Can we reduce the use of paper during events? Definitely yes! We can start by replacing paper badges with digital badges that are sent to attendees via email. The same email can contain a QR code that can be used for check-ins.

Hybrid sustainability

If you look back at the events you have organised, you will probably come to the conclusion that not all of them had to follow a face-to-face format. Hybridisation gives you more flexibility and also bolsters your efforts to be more sustainable.

You can segmentise your attendees. Invite VIP's or those who will assume integral roles onsite. The rest of your audience can participate online through the Eventscase Digital Venue with all the networking and interaction tools at their fingertips.

This action will reduce the carbon footprint of your event considerably and will also make your event more accessible.

Food waste control

Some tools in our catalogue were designed for very specific purposes, but over the years, we have discovered that their application can be nuanced. A very clear example is our RSVP feature which allows you to confirm with your registered attendees if they are in fact going to your event. They are sent an email where they respond "Yes," "No," or "Maybe.

You can use this tool to finalise the catering requirements for your event based on the RSVP responses. This allows you to save resources and take in hand food wastage.

Making our events more sustainable must be a collective commitment in which all the involved parties contribute to a greater cause.