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The event management software you truly need: enhance one event or every single one of them.

The only technology and support you need to efficiently manage, enrich and boost your in-person , virtual and hybrid events.

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The flexibility you need to organise your events

Our all-in-one technology is the solution you need to effectively manage, optimise and enhance your in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

In-person events

Using an event management software significantly improves the way you plan and organise in-person events. This leads to better chances of success that will be felt by both attendees and organisers alike.

Virtual Events

Reach more people. A digital event facilitates communication and collaboration between attendees and the organisers. We offer a reliable Digital Venue that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Your attendees can access your event, wherever they may be, in just one click.

Hybrid Events

Let your attendees choose how they are coming to your event. Our solutions support hybrid events and contain all the functionalities needed to run digital and face-to-face formats. Why limit attendees to one format when you can offer the best of both worlds?

Everything you need in one platform

Online Registration

The registration process of your event should be straightforward and efficient. You may create public or private registration pages, and establish registration journeys for different delegate categories. Make sure that your event leaves a lasting impression from the get-go.

Event website

Your event website offers a glimpse to your event, allowing attendees to obtain information, contact the organisers and resolve doubts. You can create a webpage quickly and with ease using over 100 pre-made modules.

Event app

Most of our online activity happens right at the palm of our hands - through mobile phones. Our event app supports seamless connectivity and 24/7 access to the most important event contents. We also offer gamification tools which would make the user experience even more immersive.


A well-designed badge speaks well of your event and helps attendees identify others for networking. You may design the badge according to your branding and send them directly to attendees for self-printing.

Check-in app

Our check-in app helps you determine the total number of attendees during your event and within specific sessions. It also allows you to implement a check-in and check-out process at different locations in your venue. At the end of the event, you may download a report which lists down app activity in chronological order.

Exhibitor's area

Our exhibitor's area allows exhibitors to manage their own stands, saving you the hassle of uploading all information yourself. You can create different stand types, exhibitor categories and venue allocations.

Video streaming and production

Don't fret, we have integrations with leading platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Zoom. We even have our own RTMP module. Attendees can consume digital content, network, and participate in group chats, live polls and Q&A's.

Digital venue

We help organisers run virtual and hybrid events through our dedicated facility that supports livestreaming and live interaction tools. A minimalist but powerful stage that allows you to widen your reach to attendees from all over the globe.

Onsite box

Forget about printing and distributing badges. Our solution allows attendees to search and print their badges on the fly. Moreover, we offer onsite support where specialists from our team can configure the kiosk app, iPads, printers and routers at the venue.

We treat your events with great care as if they were our own.

We are a dedicated team of experts that focuses on offering the best solutions and personalised services for your events. Not only do we offer you an event management platform, we also provide you with security, support, and individualised service to take your events to the next level.

Norberto Martínez
International Smart Business Conferences

I feel accompanied and assisted

In today's digital environment, the human factor is a determining factor. In the case of the Eventscase platform, this variable makes the difference and is a highly significant added value. I am currently experiencing and I feel accompanied and assisted by a generous, friendly, qualified, and resolute team. Furthermore, the platform itself is configured in a way that allows the user to make use of it in an agile, simple, and very intuitive way. Personally, I feel safe in their hands as I see how my project is progressing well thanks to their unceasing support

Products and prices that adapt to your needs

You have the option to enhance one single event or all events in your portfolio. We offer annual licences or tailor-made quotations.

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