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Measure the impact

It’s important to take your events to the next level but it’s equally important to measure the results, to do even better next time. That’s why we provide you with the data you need so you can aim higher. All products offer quantitative and qualitative data and analytics in an intuitive and practical way so you can analyze and share the information with your stakeholders.

Let us prove it to you
How can you measure it:

With the Digital Venue

To get feedback on your chosen content and sessions. It measures networking opportunities in quantifiable data. Getting to know your attendee’s behavior. It lets you know:

Who has watched each session. Upcoming
How long an attendee has been watching each session. Upcoming
How long each attendee has been in a video meeting. Upcoming

With the event App

To help you adjust your content to what your attendees like most. It informs you of:

The number of downloads that have taken place.
Who the users using the app are.
The most visited sections.
Tracking of attendees interactions.

With the check-in app

To help you know what the most valued events and the most valued environment are. It lets you know:

The people who have accessed the event.
Those who have accessed a specific section.
Cross-reference of the data with session schedules to find out what the engagement peak is.

With the content

To get feedback of your chosen speakers, sessions, and exhibitors, getting to know your attendee’s selection. It lets you know:

Top rated and favorite speakers, sessions, and exhibitors.
Most visited attendee, session, speaker, and sponsor profiles.