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Maximise your ROI. Promotional event management software with artificial intelligence

Make your event unforgettable and generate leads to grow in sales through a solution that helps you from the event website to the management of experiences

For any event format and size – a modular platform

For any event format and size – a modular platform

A solution for all your upcoming events that need promotion. Choose which products to use per event based on what you really need (web only, registration only, community only, etc.). With our event management software, you can manage different nuances in events, from the simplest and smallest to the largest and most complex.

Our solution has been used for incentive events of 25 people to large events with 130,000 attendees.

Capture all the data you need for your sales strategy through our registration process. Impress your attendees with the latest event technology, optimise your marketing campaigns, and integrate our solutions with your CRM to enhance your conversion funnels.

An artificial intelligence tool for your product presentations

An artificial intelligence tool for your product presentations

We know you want to maximise registrations for your event. Once you have their data, we help provide tailored experience that makes them appreciate you event and create a bond with your brand.

Our artificial intelligence for events will help you communicate why people should attend your event. Once there, you can provide avenues for them to make good use of their time based on their interests.

And it doesn't stop there. Not only do we offer data, we also provide real and current information about what your attendees are truly interested in when they attend your event. And what's even more important, you can gain insights without having to run surveys.

Companies who trust in Eventscase:
Push notifications and contents that are always accessible

Push notifications and contents that are always accessible

It is essential that an event marketing platform helps you communicate in real time with your attendees. Push notifications are the ideal solution to spread updates and event news.

Push notifications can be scheduled in advance to schedule all communications. This allows you to save time and focus on other priorities on the day of the event.

Social platform for event marketing and the presentation of products

The social wall within the mobile event app is the perfect tool to enhance the participation of your attendees. Our society is becoming a 'selfie society', and with the social wall, you can offer a channel to enhance such participation and creativity.

With the social wall, your attendees will be able to upload photos of their best moments, share their insights with the rest of the participants, and thereby build a shared experience for everyone.

All-in-one product presentation software

Save time and offer a better experience with an all-in-one event software.

Save time and money by using a single platform. Forget about data and information in different places or errors due to lost/forgotten information. Stop wasting time organising data.

Provide a better experience for your attendees with a streamlined flow between products replete with brand consistency (website, registration, private area, mobile application, access control, gamification, etc).