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Over the last few years we have put all our efforts into designing the best experience for virtual assistants.

Attract attendees through a dedicated website and registration process

Attract attendees through a dedicated website and registration process

Our website builder and registration tool can help you capture the attention of your audience and grow the attendee list for your online event.

Boost your marketing campaigns by measuring results and segmenting your audience to maximise communications and profits.

Welcome to your virtual space

Once registered, attendees will have access to a private area. A digital representation of a physical venue.

Here, your attendees can network and arrange meetings, browse the stands, meet your sponsors and access the agenda to attend live or recorded sessions.

Virtual Networking

Your attendees can perform advanced searches to find relevant contacts among other attendees at the event. Our automatic matchmaking system is able to recommend other profiles to optimise interaction.

Your audience may talk with one another through scheduled or instant video conferences and real-time chat.

Live sessions

Live sessions

Our virtual event management software can help you with the broadcasting of your sessions, either live or recorded, through our own streaming server or other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

During the sessions, attendees will be able to interact with each other through live chats, Q&A's, and polls. They may also show instant reactions through emoticons.

Manage and moderate all these features from your administrator account to have full control over what happens at your virtual event.

Demonstrate results through data

Find out who attended your event and specific sessions. Download survey reports. Monitor the chats and meetings that have taken place. Find out if your attendees were engaged.

Learn how your attendees have interacted with your sponsors and exhibitors. Use this information to demonstrate the value of your event and maximise your revenue.

Segment your attendees for follow-up campaigns and conduct surveys after the event. Get feedback from your attendees and improve your virtual event for the next edition.

Your virtual event, your brand

We know that your brand is a paramount element when running events and that is why we ensured that our platform is fully customisable and that it can transmit the essence of your organisation to your audience.

You can customise colours, backgrounds, fonts, domains and emails to highlight your brand.

Learn how our clients have used our software to create unique and memorable virtual events.