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Impress your attendees

How many times have you heard of the WOW effect during events? It is no longer a nice-to-have but is instead a necessity, especially when attendees have become more demanding. We believe that one of the main advantages of technology is that it allows you to establish the structure and base of your event, giving you time to dedicate your energies on more pressing matters.

Event management technology also offers you tools and functionalities that will allow you to achieve that coveted WOW effect.



Let your attendees play through gamification

It has been proven that gamification increases participation levels, belongingness and brand loyalty in your audience. Even more so if you manage to position the game strategically! It doesn't have to take your attendees out of focus; it should place them right where you want them to be.

Arrange exhibitor tours at a trade fair, encourage lead retrieval and networking, provide a leaderboard for the most active app users... These are just some of the things that you can achieve using Eventscase. You can now add a fun and differentiating touch to your event and make the attendee experience funner.

A native app just for your event

Events can sometimes become monotonous. That's why you should always delve into approaches that would set your event apart from the rest. To support you in this quest to be unique, we offer you our event app. It is native, meaning that it can work without the Internet. It also has all the bells and whistles to make your event more engaging and interesting.

Smooth check-in

There is nothing more impressive than a check-in point with no queues. An attendee who doesn't have to wait is a happy attendee who can make the most out his or her experience. When their first impression of your event is great, everything else follows.

You will project a professional, modern and innovative image right from the start. Someone who pays attention to details, is privy to data protection, and values sustainability.

On-site services

You can go one step further in terms of check-ins and offer your attendees the possibility to search for themselves from the attendee list and print their badges through our kiosk app. We have the necessary hardware and software to make the experience simple, intuitive and functional.

We provide special badge printers, iPads, and routers — making sure that all these devices are connected through a local network. We also have expert event staff who can help you in setting up if you need onsite support.


The strategic integration of technology into events not only ensures structure and efficiency, but also creates an impactful experience for attendees.

Don't only aim to make your event "different". You also have to create memorable moments and reinforce the perception of your brand as a modern leader committed to the satisfaction of attendees.