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White label event management software. Project a great image.

Events, regardless of the format, have become important catalysts for the brand image of companies, institutions and organisations.

Nobody would print a banner with a pixelated logo or include tacky elements for the materials to be used in an in-person event.

The same rules would follow when it comes to projecting your brand in the digital sphere.



Product configurations to accommodate your design

We have conceptualised our software with your design and branding needs in mind. Our different products offer you specific configurations in which you can choose colours, add logos, and modify texts, among others.

  • Fully white label
  • Highly customisable
  • Centralised. Maintaining brand consistency has never been easier.

Modern image through digital technology

The use of technology demonstrates your ability to adopt new solutions and approaches.

When you use event tech, you project — almost immediately — a modern and innovative image that enhances your reputation as an organisation.

Because we know that it's not always easy to embrace digital transformation, we want to be there for you. All our digital products are designed for non-tech users, making the learning curve less steep. What's more, our Customer Service team is with you every step of the way.

Different media in which to highlight your image

We do not stop at making an effective website. We go much further by combining digital and physical media to make your brand shine.

We offer alternatives to agenda management such as our event app where you will find all pertinent information related to the event: speakers, sponsors, maps of the venue, the attendee list, etc. Users can also interact with each other through the Digital Venue if you opt for hybrid or digital-only events. This tool almost has the same functionalities as the event app.

For physical media, we generate badges with QR codes that can be scanned for check-in. These badges can also be adapted to your brand guidelines using our badge editor tool. And it doesn't stop there. We have specific hardware for print your badges to print badges onsite, and we can even customise the iPad screens where attendees can look for their names before tapping on "Print".

If you want your event to be perfect, your have to let your brand shine and use technology to maximise its potential and reach a larger audience.

The use of technology not only improves the logistics during events, but it also reinforces your brand in the minds of attendees and the general public.