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Monthly News Round-up
Has the hybrid future finally arrived? No matter what type of event professional you are, April 2021 has been a ... Read more.
When will your next live event take place?
When do face-to-face corporate events return? This is the most frequently asked questions we hear in our conversations with partners, ... Read more.
Covid 19 and Event Planning Insurance
It would be a tremendous understatement to say that the covid19 pandemic has dramatically impacted our lives. Although some places ... Read more.
IE University online graduation ceremony
The IE Graduation is a highly expected event by all IE University students. It’s a unique moment, a closing cycle ... Read more.
Monthly News Round-up Setember
2021 Q1 is almost gone, and you should already know that relying on technology is the secret to being efficient ... Read more.
EventsCase unveils its new Live Streaming feature
EventsCase launches its streaming feature with an eye on the worldwide demand for virtual and hybrid events. Thousands of Event ... Read more.
What Is a Digital Event Manager Skillset?
We all know that the explosion of virtual events will require event managers to add a few more strings to ... Read more.
Hybrid is the future
Hybrid is the future. Events combining live and virtual components will be a fixture in the industry, with 73% of ... Read more.
EventsCase Lite at an unbeatable price
A historic yet irregular 2020 has given way to more uncertainty for events in 2021. EventsCase may not be able ... Read more.
Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom: Which Is Best for Virtual Events?
So, you want to run a virtual event but you need a few things to do it. Behold, your kit ... Read more.
Thank you!
The season of goodwill is finally upon us and EventsCase would like to give a special thanks to everyone that’s ... Read more.
EventsCase Monthly News Round-Up - November
Well, Christmas is just around the corner and we don’t know about you, but we could certainly do with some ... Read more.
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