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Event Marketing Ideas: Mastering Promotion Via Social Media
Social networks are ideal for keeping abreast of the latest from your friends, favourite brands and sports teams. They’re also ... Read more.
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How to Use Instagram to Promote your Event and Mistakes to Avoid
Instagram is a great platform to use to connect to both a local and broader audience. The platform encourages engagement ... Read more.
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Who are the Companies that Sponsor Events, and Why Do They Do It?
Event sponsors take many shapes and sizes. You could be looking for a bank to reserve the biggest stand at ... Read more.
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Recruitment Event Ideas to Deliver Talent to your Door
All companies need staff, and all recruiters should believe they can find them. Sometimes, though, it pays to take the ... Read more.
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Why Event Branding Could Be Your Best Marketing Investment
What makes a brand recognisable? Is it their service or products? Perhaps their values and personnel? Without detracting too much ... Read more.
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Event Venue Finding Tips – Choosing a Venue for an Event
Finding the perfect event venue should be an enjoyable task. In reality, it is a constant challenge. The market is ... Read more.
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Event Marketing Strategies for Gaining Awareness, Virality and Sales
Events need audiences, and those audiences need a way of finding events. The connection is often forged by marketing, which ... Read more.
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What is Event Marketing? Going Through the Basics
What is event marketing? With a bit of luck, you’re not asking this question in the middle of an empty ... Read more.
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Event Planning Tips – How to Keep Everything on Time, on Budget and on Track
Planning an event can be a tough exercise. Whether you’re managing just one conference, or a series of exhibitions over ... Read more.
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Four Networking Event Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking
One of the biggest challenges for event organisers is driving conversation between attendees. This can be done via ‘networking sessions’ ... Read more.
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