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build event marketing plan template - Blog
We all need a spot of guidance from time to time. Most organisers appreciate the use of a schedule to ... Read more.
registration form for event - Blog
Many refuse to believe it, but your event registration form could be the difference between success and failure. Think about ... Read more.
event sponsors - Blog
Sponsors can almost make or break your event, at least financially. The lack of extra income may lead to hard ... Read more.
marketing plan for events - Blog
Marketers operate in a space that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Due to the onset of digital platforms, and ... Read more.
certified event planner - Blog
We’ve written before about the advantages of becoming a certified event planner. Now it’s time to explore a few ways ... Read more.
event technology trends 2019 - Blog
The event industry moves fast, but the technology industry moves even faster. If one thing is true about the latter, ... Read more.
uk venue - Blog
Gone are the days where the word ‘technology’ frightened the life out of event organisers. In 2019, technology is useful, ... Read more.
find sponsors - Blog
To events, sponsors can be the difference between financial success and failure. Their money helps to cover overheads for venue ... Read more.
event planner cmp csep cgmp - Blog
A quick quiz: what do CMP, CSEP and CGMP all have in common? Stuck for an answer? They’re all forms ... Read more.
event marketing bridge - Blog
What do events mean to your business? Are they a standalone feature - something trusted with a separate department, held ... Read more.
event engagement ideas - Blog
If you’re like most people, you probably found yourself dozing off and not paying attention in at least a few ... Read more.
approach event sponsors - Blog
As the old saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. It’s a phrase we constantly ... Read more.
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