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How to make money with a virtual event
Virtual events are on the up. From global conferences to your local yoga expert, just about everyone is heading online ... Read more.
Are Paperless Events Possible
COVID-19 has caused businesses all around the globe to re-evaluate and - in some instances - revamp their entire operating ... Read more.
How to Tax Virtual Events: 3 Simple Options
In a post-COVID-19 world, virtual events are our saviour. They’ve been a haven for organisers, creating a place to share ... Read more.
EU-US Privacy Shield Collapses – Is Your Event Data at Risk of Snooping?
Perhaps a story involving a privacy trade war, metaphorical ‘shields’ and Donald Trump doesn’t naturally shift your attention to the ... Read more.
The Ultimate Saver of Time
If you’d ask any event organiser to list the things that would make their job easier, we’d imagine that “more ... Read more.
Virtual events guide
We have launched a Quick Guide of Who’s Who in the current ‘virtual events’ landscape for you to know what ... Read more.
attendee engagement en 2 - Blog
Every event organiser wants their attendees to be happy. Regardless of how long they’re inside the venue, how many sessions ... Read more.
Conference Apps
Finding a mobile app for your conference could be the hurdle you were least expecting. The market is packed with ... Read more.
limit coronavirus events - Blog
As coronavirus threatens to impact the events industry on a global scale, we’ve taken the time to explain how technology ... Read more.
event tool - Blog
Humans are a cautious bunch. We don’t like diving into things unless we’re fully prepared or at least aware of ... Read more.
event technology app - Blog
Organisers have a legal duty to consider accessibility when planning an event. But rather than making our events accessible because ... Read more.
event software pricing - Blog
If you’re looking into a technology to manage your events, cost will always enter the equation. The tricky thing is ... Read more.
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