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Virtual events guide
We have launched a Quick Guide of Who’s Who in the current ‘virtual events’ landscape for you to know what ... Read more.
attendee engagement en 2 - Blog
Every event organiser wants their attendees to be happy. Regardless of how long they’re inside the venue, how many sessions ... Read more.
Conference Apps
Finding a mobile app for your conference could be the hurdle you were least expecting. The market is packed with ... Read more.
limit coronavirus events - Blog
As coronavirus threatens to impact the events industry on a global scale, we’ve taken the time to explain how technology ... Read more.
event tool - Blog
Humans are a cautious bunch. We don’t like diving into things unless we’re fully prepared or at least aware of ... Read more.
event technology app - Blog
Organisers have a legal duty to consider accessibility when planning an event. But rather than making our events accessible because ... Read more.
event software pricing - Blog
If you’re looking into a technology to manage your events, cost will always enter the equation. The tricky thing is ... Read more.
build event marketing plan template - Blog
We all need a spot of guidance from time to time. Most organisers appreciate the use of a schedule to ... Read more.
registration form for event - Blog
Many refuse to believe it, but your event registration form could be the difference between success and failure. Think about ... Read more.
event sponsors - Blog
Sponsors can almost make or break your event, at least financially. The lack of extra income may lead to hard ... Read more.
marketing plan for events - Blog
Marketers operate in a space that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Due to the onset of digital platforms, and ... Read more.
certified event planner - Blog
We’ve written before about the advantages of becoming a certified event planner. Now it’s time to explore a few ways ... Read more.
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