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Event management software for agencies

Expand your offerings — outsource and create more astonishing experiences for your attendees.

Offer more to your clients without increasing your workload

Offer more to your clients without increasing your workload

Use our solutions to offer more to your clients and to showcase your own brand.

We will provide all the support and help you need so you can concentrate on what you do best — creating unique events.

Need something very personalised?

If you need heavy personalisations, we can also carry out custom projects.

Instead of starting from scratch, we can use our experience and recommend products to suit your specific needs and offer you the best solution.

Delegate 100% of the work to us

If you need to completely forget about implementation and setup, we can do it for you.

Meet Event Tech Hub, our Joint Venture with Padcelona through which we can offer you an unparalleled level of support, customisation, and flexibility.

Agencies we already work with:
Always innovating

Always innovating

We provide continuous support and updates that adapt to your changing needs.

Our relationship goes beyond implementation, keeping your agency at the forefront of innovation.

Liberate creativity

Our software is designed to free your team from repetitive and administrative tasks.

We automate processes such as attendee registration and payment tracking, allowing your team to focus on creating unforgettable experiences.

Talent retention and well-being

We remove the burden of routinary tasks so your team can focus on more exciting aspects of your event.

This improves job satisfaction and helps you retain valuable talent.

Angel Moreno

Great Experience for All Our Clients

We had a great experience with EventsCase, from the beginning of the planning of our event, the management, the execution, and the closure. I want to acknowledge that it was not only a very special experience for us, but for all our clients and guests. We extend our sincere thanks to the entire team that was part of the development of the APP. We are already ready for what's next!

Eventscase is a founding partner of Event Tech Hub, a joint venture with Padcelona that combines the customisation capability of a tech agency with the robustness of Eventscase technology.

Event Tech Hub is the ideal solution if you want to fully outsource your event technology or need high customisation without losing the benefits of working with our established and tested technology, trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

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