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Hybrid event management software. The best of face-to-face and virtual events in one platform.

Provide a consistent experience to your virtual and face-to-face attendees. All on the same platform.

Managing hybrid events has never been so easy

Managing hybrid events has never been so easy

A hybrid event will allow you to maximise your reach, but we understand that it can be complicated to set up.

We can help you simplify the whole process and provide you with the tools to make it as easy as possible.

We facilitate the streaming of content and help improve the online experience of attendees so that you can reach a much wider audience.

We can support you with the livestream

Our system is prepared to receive the live video signal from your hybrid event through different channels.

You can directly link your feed to our streaming servers (RTMP) or embed the livestreaming from another provider such as YouTube or Vimeo on our platform.

If you need help with production, we can help you. Contact us for a tailor-made quote based on your needs.

A unified experience

Your attendees will be able to communicate with one another regardless if they are joining in-person or from the comfort of their homes. Our Digital Venue and event app are synchronised in real time.

Both systems are connected so that it wouldn't matter whether your attendee is on-site or remote.

Your attendees will be able to ask questions to the speakers from any device. No barriers or limitations.

Maximum exposure for your sponsors and exhibitors

Maximum exposure for your sponsors and exhibitors

It is sometimes difficult to replicate the experience of an attendee in an in-person event. We have addressed this by optimising specific aspects in our virtual area so that you can reinforce the visibility of exhibitors and sponsors.

We can help you demonstrate the profitability of your hybrid event through analytics such as the interaction of your attendees with your sponsors and exhibitors — both online and in-person.