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Increase your event's revenue

Working in events is a vocation, but let's be honest, we'd all want to make money.

We offer several tools that may increase your income, and we don't mean magic formulas.

Do you want to know how?


Increase the brand impact of your sponsors and exhibitors.

Use the website, event app, networking area, or livestreams to increase brand exposure for your sponsors. Generate new revenue streams through the sale of advertising space.

Showcase your sponsors and exhibitors on the event website through customisable modules. Create different spaces and sell them to your sponsors to increase your revenue.

Banners on the event app

Add rotating sponsorship banners to your event app. These banners may be viewed in full screen (splash screen) or right under the app menu which will be visible in all pages.

Sponsor sessions

Allow your sponsors to host specific sessions. Display your sponsors' logos within the livestreaming, the session page of the Digital Venue, and in the event agenda found on your website.

Registration process

Add sponsors' logos in the registration process and in automated email communications.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to attendees through the event app. Use this channel to send information about your sponsors or to remind participants to visit exhibitor stands.

Segmented email marketing

Thanks to our filters, you will be able to create segmented lists of attendees and use them to send email communications.

Get more sponsors by offering guarantees

Long gone are the days when you could only offer your sponsors the attendee list as a sorry excuse for brand visibility. Everything digital runs through "clicks" and "taps" and will therefore always leave a trail. Transform this data into analytics that you can offer to your sponsors once the event is over.

Show your sponsors that the money they invested in your event is justified through data and analytics that speak for themselves.

Advanced interaction analytics

Download interaction reports between your attendees and the different exhibitors and sponsors of your event. Find out which stands they have visited, which documents they have downloaded, etc.

Segmented attendee lists

Segment your attendees according to different criteria and offer your sponsors lists of attendees that specifically match their target audience.

Leads and meetings lists

Attendees and exhibitors can scan each other using lead retrieval, and also schedule meetings. Keep track of all leads and meetings generated by these users by downloading reports after the event.

Online ticketing software designed to increase your ticket sales.

Not all ticketing platforms are the same — ours is designed to help you sell more.

Integrated payment gateway

Our registration solution is integrated with payment gateways that will allow your attendees to purchase their tickets at the same time they register for the event. You don't have to worry about tracking those purchases.

The money flows directly to your account via our integrated payment gateway. No more middlemen, no more delays, and no more hassles.

Low transaction fees

To send the money directly into your account, we connect with Stripe, one of the safest, cheapest and most reliable payment gateways on the market.

From our platform you can easily create a Stripe account if you don't already have one.

In addition to Stripe's fees which you can see here (, we only charge an additional 1% per transaction.

Create automatic discount and ticketing strategies

Create different types of tickets and discounts and set up rules based on your criteria.

You can generate customised links that automatically apply discounts to your attendees and which auto-selects the correct ticket or attendee type.

It is also possible to limit the number of uses and to keep track of who has used each code.

Private tickets with special offers

Create hidden tickets that are only available to people with an access code. This is ideal to offer discounts to groups or VIPs.

You can limit the number of uses for each private ticket to prevent it from being shared with unauthorised people.

Tools to analyse revenue and marketing campaigns

See sales performance in real time.

Analyse what kind of tickets are selling the most, what kind of discounts work best, and what kind of attendees are registering.

Track the conversion of your marketing campaigns through UTM parameters that will let you know which campaigns are performing better and where you should invest more resources.

Limited access based on ticket type

Limit the sessions or information your attendees can access based on the type of ticket they have purchased.

This will allow you to create pricing strategies based on access to certain sessions or information. The best access is reserved to those who are willing to pay more.