Author: Sam Garcia

Looking Back on 2022: A Year in Review

December also allows us to disconnect and reflect on the things that really matter. It allows us to put things in perspective and somehow gather our bearings in preparation for the new year. And this is what this post is about! It’s a recap of all the things we’re thankful for—and an invitation for you to join us in reliving our best moments in 2022!

A 100% Adoption Rate for Your Event App Is Possible

The Eventscase ecosystem is composed of various products that all work together to provide a seamless experience to event organisers and their attendees. As face-to-face events are coming back, the popularity of the event app is definitely increasing. While the advantages of having a dedicated app for your event are inarguable, some event organisers may still pose the question: “But what if only a few of my attendees will use it?”