What to check when choosing a venue for Hybrid Events

What to check when choosing a venue for Hybrid Events

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The Future Event Model: Hybrid 

Ever heard of the Hybrid event model. We bet that a major chunk of people would not be aware of this concept. Do you know that the hybrid model is the future of the event industry? Yes! Around 62% of the event management experts say that the hybrid model is the future of the event industry. Well, that is a massive number. It seems that it is true hybrid event model is the future of the event industry. The event industry recently saw a drastic shift in trends and event count due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It literally flipped the whole industry upside down. The year saw a 1000% increase in virtual events, according to Forbes. 

However, hybrid events are not a new concept. In fact, they were even there before the pandemic. However, they are gaining momentum once again after the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world is adjusting to a new normal, a hybrid event model is being adopted worldwide. The event industry realizes the benefits and value of the hybrid event. This model is truly a way to deal with this pandemic and get the event industry running in hard times. 

Venues are core to the hybrid event model. They form the key basis for hybrid events. Let us learn some more about the hybrid event model and the role of venues in it.  

What is the Hybrid Event Model?

The hybrid event model works with a very rational and smart approach. The hybrid event model incorporates the virtual and in-person event together in a strategic manner. A mix of both live and digital event elements makes the hybrid event model. There are two segments of attendees or audience in the hybrid event model. In a hybrid event, you would be having one segment of the audience attending the event physically at the venue. On the other hand. The virtual audience would be attending the event online, through a live stream.

This model undoubtedly presents a promising future in the event industry. This model comes with many benefits. The hybrid event model allows us to think rationally. Benefits such as cost-effectiveness, sustainability, reduced effort, increased reach, and engagement are great. The hybrid event model allows the planners to use the power of analytics as well. Application to gain the benefits of analytics is easy on the hybrid event model. Moreover, the hybrid event model allows the event planners to collect data throughout the course of the event. It allows them to get the best out of their events. 

In addition, the hybrid event model is very flexible as well. This is great for the attendees. It attracts more registrations as well. People can attend an event at their convenience, whether in-person or virtually. It is dependent on the attendee. This provides ease of choice. Moreover, the attendee can choose the time that is convenient for them. This is because certain event planners provide recorded events. 

The hybrid event model dismisses the geographical barriers as well. Anyone from anywhere on Earth can join. This results in a more diversified audience and reach. The best thing about the hybrid event model is that it ensures and adheres to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, the COVID-19 pandemic has left people stuck in their homes. Life feels stagnant for many. However, this must not keep them away from attending their favorite event. In such, times the hybrid event model has allowed a major chunk of people to enjoy life from their homes. 

The Smart Venue: Nature of Venues for Hybrid Events 

Surely, venues are the most important aspect of organizing a hybrid event. You need to place that is capable enough to keep the two worlds running together. This is a critical decision to make in modern-day event management. This is a critical decision to make because the venues for hybrid events are not common. They have their distinct features, which make them stand out from the rest. They are equipped with technologies and networking facilities. They are spacious enough to maintain the social distancing aspect as well. Let us call them The Smart Venues

Event planners look for venues that fit their hybrid event plans, their needs, and requirements. The best thing about a smart venue is that it can be modified to fit your plan and imagination. You must follow a strategic pattern in order to choose the perfect venue for your hybrid event. Choosing and focusing on the physical venue is important, as 57% of attendees would still prefer to attend an in-person event. 

 Nature of Venues for Hybrid Events

Now, before we tell you a strategic pattern, it is very much important to know what types of hybrid events are. Hybrid events are divided into two categories; External and Internal Hybrid Events. Every kind of event has its protocols, has different schedules, and other aspects. You must be very clear about the category of your event. You must relate this with your idea of a perfect audience as well. It would allow you to take a better and rational approach. 

External Events 

External events are mainly organized for public gatherings and potential consumers. In external events, you intent on reaching a wider spectrum of audiences. You tap into potential customer segments or markets. Examples of external hybrid events are virtual collection exhibitions, product demos, trade sessions, conferences, and webinars. 

Internal Events 

Most of the internal events are held for an organization’s in-house people like members, employees, shareholders, or sponsors. These events are mostly restricted or limited in terms of their attendance. Certain examples of internal events are company town halls, trade shows, meetings, or sales kick-offs. 

In Addition 

These days, wedding ceremonies are also in the game of hybrid events. Other Celebrations such as graduation ceremonies, farewell parties, convocations, award ceremonies, and political gatherings are much prevalent as well. In a broader sense, all these events fall into both categories of events. 

How to choose a venue for hybrid events?

After you have developed an understanding of the nature of your event, let us talk about choosing a venue. Below, we have formulated a few key questions. You must consider all the aspects attached to these questions in order to find the most suitable venue for your hybrid event. All these aspects are basics that form the basis of a successful hybrid event. 

What much internet bandwidth does the venue provide?

This is literally the most important aspect of a hybrid event. Internet is the driving force of a hybrid event. The bandwidth must be in accordance with the requirement of your virtual platform for live streaming. In addition, it must be enough to power your cloud event system, social media accounts, broadcasting, attendees, and communications. The minimum that is advised is 50 Mbps. However, you must consult your tech team. 

Is there a broadcasting studio in the venue?

A virtual studio is equipped with all the technical gadgets and mechanisms for virtual and in-person broadcasting. This also includes the cameras, speakers, screens or projectors, power, wiring, and microphone system. If they provide a tech team, that is a plus point. 

If they do not have a studio, ask them whether they can supply the required equipment or not. Remember, the broadcasting setup must be aligned or in sync with broadcasting or virtual software in usage. This is a very important point when it comes to choosing a venue. You can choose software after picking the venue. This would mitigate or reduce the risks. 

Is the venue spacious and capable enough to practice COVID SOPs?

We cannot stress much upon this question. This is the need of the hour. Look for adequate space in a venue that is enough to practice social distancing with your audience count. In addition, look at whether the venue provides COVID-19 SOPs service such as regular sanitizing, disinfectant walk-through gates, SOPs signboards, and distancing benches, etc. You have to ensure that your audience is safe. Remember, this is your responsibility. 

Does the venue supply adequate power supply?

Well, you cannot afford to have your event shut off due to a power outage. Remember, you have two sides running simultaneously; the virtual and the in-person even. Both are dependent on power. You have to make sure that a venue has power backups installed in case an outage occurs. 

Does the venue provide adequate lighting, catering, and security facilities?

These three elements are much crucial for the in-person event. You have to make sure of the availability of these three elements by the venue. Lightening equipment helps in achieving better visibility and clarity for online streaming. This makes a great impression. 


We have discussed all the important aspects in deciding for venues. However, remember that choose a venue in which you can achieve the best of attendee satisfaction. Organizing a hybrid event is already a challenge. You have it; then you must work for your key aim, which is attendee satisfaction. In addition, you must look for cost-effective solutions.

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