Say Hi to the All-new EventsCase Knowledge Base!

EventsCase Launches All-new Knowledge Base for Event Profs

EventsCase launches another powerful upgrade to its support services: the Knowledge Base.We’re excited to launch our new online Knowledge Base officially! This system, which is part of EventsCase’s complete Help Center & Support Services, is a digital platform for quick and efficient customer service. All EventsCase users worldwide can get instant access through this link:

Why Build the Best Event Platform Support Experience?

As the physical world goes digital at a frantic pace, companies must innovate and deliver outstanding customer experience. 

As a result, the EventsCase Knowledge Base was created  with the aim of improving the client’s user experience by detailing full instructions on how to use the software and maximise certain products. 

This space intends to be the most up-to-date database on everything the EventsCase platform has to offer including new feature releases and case studies.

Our most important goal is to offer a support system that helps our customers get answers in the way they find most efficient. Our continued efforts to extend our services have proven to be useful and appreciated. We will continue to develop innovative ways to assist our customer base.” states José Bort, CEO at EventsCase.

Knowledge Base for the Best Event Platform Support Experience

Start Designing Compelling Digital Experiences Immediately

73% of customers prefer to use a company’s website instead of using social media, SMS and live chat.

Here, at EventsCase, we also see that about 40% of our clients prefer self-service over live chat.

Hearing our customers and their needs is the best way to ensure our tools and services are solving the correct problems related to the management of events. Thus, we’re quickly responding to this user preference.

Since more users prefer to access online resources as their first, our Knowledge Base is immediately available for those who want to start designing their own experiences now but don’t know exactly where to begin. It also offers creative, insightful answers to the question “How would I do this?” without restricting itself to the technical aspects of the platform only.

Getting Started

All major sections of EventsCase Knowledge Base are already live at

We’re also adding two more sections in the upcoming weeks”, says Sam Garcia, Head of Product Training at EventsCase:

1. User journeys for event organisers and end-users (all products);

2. Video Masterclasses for all products.

The Knowledge Base is searchable and full of articles written by EventsCase experts: mainly Project Managers and Product Specialists, all with useful and practical information. Each article goes through a comprehensive audit process to ensure that it is valuable, accurate and properly categorised.

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