Event Registration Software – The Ultimate Saver of Time

The Ultimate Saver of Time

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If you’d ask any event organiser to list the things that would make their job easier, we’d imagine that “more time” would be a popular selection.

These professionals are required to dart from event to event, lending their expertise to an increasing number of tasks, all of which sap valuable time from their busy schedules.

Smaller events can be organised at the last minute, which doesn’t help the situation, but even something that’s been in the calendar for over a year can take months of preparation. That’s why many are turning to event registration software as a way of freeing up some of their precious time.

By deploying clever tactics like automation and allowing technology to take the wheel, they are able to save a significant amount of hours over the course of any event’s lifespan. Here are some of the areas where this is really evident:

  • Amends to attendee records:

    One of the biggest benefits of event registration software is the centralisation of data around each and every attendee. By having access to a single database of records, you can instantly amend any bookings in the system. It marks a huge upgrade on having to spend valuable minutes trawling through emails and spreadsheets to do the same thing.

Event registration sofware

  • Use of multiple tools:

    Good event registration software will combine features within marketing, attendee management and registration itself, which can be spread across numerous solutions. A single platform can save time by allowing everything to be co-ordinated in one place.

  • Communication:

    From the delivery of pre-show FAQs, to the post-event wrapup, attendee communications can represent an added burden on top of an organiser’s packed schedule. That’s why people are using software that can automate the sending of messages based on pre-defined rules. For example, rather than manually sending a host of thank you messages to attendees in the aftermath of a successful event, it’s possible to write one message and “send to all” via functionality in the platform.

software that can automate the process

  • Event duplication:

    As event registration software can store things like attendee information and web pages, you always have the option of replicating them for the next event. It’s a feature that definitely comes in handy among organisers who don’t want to spend hours of time doing the same work they did the year before.

  • On-site efficiency:

    Different tools go about the task of registering attendees in different ways. For the most part, they have a process which is simple and efficient. If the alternative is to have a printed list of thousands of attendees to check through, resulting in huge queues should a problem surface, we know which method we’d prefer.


Each of these benefits might save hours or days in the hosting of one event. They might even save minutes. However, over the course of a year or more, the saving of time will inevitably mount up, and that is why event registration software is becoming so important. When considering the overall saving of time, it makes for a no brainer.

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