Author: Mentxu Sendino

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Streamlined Event Management: QR Codes for Events and Access Control Systems

In this post we discuss the transformative role of QR codes in event management, highlighting their use in streamlining registration and access, providing instant information, and facilitating engagement and networking. It details how QR codes enhance efficiency, reduce queues, and offer personalised experiences for attendees. The implementation of QR codes as part of an access control system is also covered, emphasizing the need for suitable hardware, strategic placement, and integration with event management software for a secure and efficient attendee management.

How to Sell Event Tickets Online: A Complete Guide

The success of an event hinges on its capacity to draw in and keep a committed audience. In the digital era, the use of online ticket sales has emerged as a crucial resource for event organisers, offering a worldwide reach, efficiency in transactions, and the collection of insightful data on participants. This piece presents a thorough guide on how to market tickets for events online, emphasising tested approaches, and the significance of selecting the appropriate registration platform.

Eventscase Brings EMA and AEVEA to ‘Event Tech Live’ in London

At Eventscase, we continually strive to forge new connections with event organisers and bolster the events community. For the recently concluded Event Tech Live, Europe’s premier event technology gathering, we opted to organise a ‘tech trip’ for EMA (Event Managers Association) and AEVEA (Spanish Event Agencies Association), two of the Spanish industry bodies we have been working alongside for several years.