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10 Tips to Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in Your Event

While having face-to-face events is still the crowd-favourite format, the events industry has to take strides when it comes to digital marketing. Strategies from 10 years ago may no longer work since the digital landscape changes so much in short periods of time. What’s looming on the horizon—and which seems to be the current buzzword—is artificial intelligence. How will it affect our industry in the future? This is just one of the questions we have to keep asking as we adapt with the times.

What do we know about emotional management in the events industry?

Event management is no easy feat; there are so many moving parts that you have to consider especially if you’re organising a high-impact event or an event attended by a multitude of people. While the focus in many events is improving the attendee experience, there are few resources that address the burden that event organisers feel when they are faced with different issues that affect their well-being.