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Tips to Become a Corporate Event Planner

In simple terms, corporate event planning is the process of organising events for a brand or business to achieve business goals. This includes events such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, workshops and other corporate occasions. These are events that play a vital role in bringing people together to share knowledge and foster connections that in the end drive business growth.

Navigating the Storm: Essential Tips for Effective Event Crisis Management

Event crisis management is a critical aspect of organising successful events. It involves anticipating and effectively addressing potential crises that may arise before, during, and after an event. By having a comprehensive event management plan in place, event organisers can minimise the impact of crises, protect their reputation, and ensure the safety and satisfaction of attendees. 

How to improve the attendee experience through technology

In today’s digital age, events have become much more than just a gathering of people with common interests. Attendees now expect immersive and interactive experiences that leave a lasting impact. This is where event technology comes into play. Event technology refers to the use of digital tools and platforms to enhance the planning and execution of events and the corresponding attendee experience. From registration and ticketing to networking and engagement, event technology has revolutionised the way events are organised and experienced.

Creating a Calendar of Social Media Posts Before an Event Using AI

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘content calendar’. It is a guide that is set in place to help teams plan, organise, and schedule their content in advance, allowing for smooth content production throughout the planned days. This calendar is an essential component of any team that is looking to keep organised and be successful in their overall content goals. So how can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help?

Top 3 events of 2023 in Europe

Today we highlight what, in our opinion, are the three most important events so far this year in Europe. Why these and not others? Because these three events stand out for their technological innovation and for the generation of synergies and contacts that go beyond the limits of the venues where they are held.