How to Use Instagram to Promote your Event and Mistakes to Avoid

promoting event instagram - How to Use Instagram to Promote your Event and Mistakes to Avoid

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Instagram is a great platform to use to connect to both a local and broader audience. The platform encourages engagement and allows you to connect with users in a variety of methods.

In order to maximize success of promoting your event on Instagram, make sure to follow the tips in these three groups. They’ll help you through production, engagement, and analyzing the performance of your account in order for you to see the most success and attract more registrants.

Be goal oriented

Having goals in mind when promoting your event on Instagram is critical to the success of the campaign. If you go in with nothing in mind, you can’t expect to see results.

Have clear goals such as increasing followers or having a higher rate of engagement. Perhaps you want your posts to have a farther reach. Whatever your goals are, make sure that you don’t ignore the goal setting. Analytics behind your posts are how you can measure up against your goals. Ignoring the performance of your posts and the data behind the posts is a surefire way to stay in a poor performing cycle. These are easily accessible through your Instagram business account. See what’s working and what isn’t and adjust your strategy as you go.

Your campaign needs to also have goals outside of social in order to see success for your event. Make sure to do these things in order to transform social views into registrants or traffic for your site:

  • Have a link in your Instagram bio to a registration landing page & use a UTM code to track visits.
  • Include a call to action in your social copy to give action to your followers.
  • Create an event hashtag and encourage your audience to use it as well.

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Prioritize content & engagement

You can publish all the posts that you want on your Instagram, but if your content is unrelatable to your audience, they aren’t going to resonate with the message. This can lead to a low level of engagement and even some unfollows.

In order to see success for promoting your event on Instagram, focus on these areas when creating content:

  • Avoid posting duplicate photos.
  • Focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity of your posts.
  • Prioritize high quality photos that are engaging.
  • Don’t be overly promotional with your posts.

The content of your posts are what lead to engagement on your profile. However, no matter the amount of posts, engagement is the most important metric in making sure that your followers see your content. When looking to increase your engagement rate, keep these tips in mind:

  • Gain an authentic following – don’t buy your followers.
  • Respond to comments quickly and engage with those on your posts.
  • Use hashtags relevantly and don’t use too many.
  • Post at the right time on Instagram for maximum impact.
  • Don’t spam your followers with posts but also post enough to stay in mind.

Posting relevant content and encouraging engagement isn’t an unthinkable task. Make your life easier by working smarter not harder when promoting your event on Instagram.

promote event social networks - How to Use Instagram to Promote your Event and Mistakes to Avoid

Build out your profile

If you want to grow your following and promote your event on Instagram, it’s important that you have an account that establishes your credibility. Setting up your account to look professional and established is simple, but let’s make sure that you have all your bases covered.

  • Make sure your account isn’t on private mode.
  • Fill out your profile including your bio, profile picture, and everything.
  • Build a following by following others.

Running your Instagram to promote your event is simple. Social media has made it easy to connect with followers, and by avoiding the common mistakes listed above, you’ll be able to easily advertise your event on Instagram and encourage more registrants.

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