12 Event Design Ideas to Wow Your Delegates

Event Design ideas

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With so many event organizers competing in the market, it is becoming tougher for companies to impress attendees with spectacular events. 

Those people coming to your event might have already attended similar events before.  

It vocalizes the attendees’ feelings: “umm, yeah! Been there, seen it already.” 

Which is not very pleasing to hear. Honestly. 

Because if the attendees are not happy, your next event may go flop. And their sponsors will not sign big checks for your hard work.

So, you must impress the attendees-slash-clients-slash-sponsors trio in order to call in more cash in your bank account. 


How Do You Impress Your Audience?

 It is the real question, which always lingers around the event planners. 

To help you make better choices, we have rounded up 12 ways to creatively design an event that will wow your delegates.

But before that…

A pro tip:

Your chances of giving your audience the jaw-dropping moment are potentially great if you plan to organize a themed event. Coming later. 

Let us get to the actual guide. 

1. Themed Event

“The Seasoned Planner identifies with words like theme, design, messaging and flow — all in the spirit of achieving corporate objectives and goals.” – Dianne Devitt.

Giving you a heads-up right off the bat: a themed event can be heavy on pocket. 

This theme is reflected throughout – the décor, dress code, refreshment breaks, gifts, etc. 

While planning, consider the following points:

  • Consulting the expert décor designers
  • Shortlisting spokesperson who reflects and carry your theme
  • Make use of the digital media to have the same theme across the event collateral

Keep it in mind, and determine your event objectives accordingly. Make sure the theme is not so loud to distract people from the event’s objective.

2. Confetti Cannons 

Looking forward to giving a glamorous event with the audience screaming at the top of their lungs out of excitement? And not popping confetti cannons on people as the event ends?

Umm! Do you really believe you will succeed in throwing a memorable glamorous event for people?

I will say it again. 

Do you really believe you will succeed in throwing a memorable glamorous event for people WITHOUT popping confetti cannons?

Go with a bang. Have confetti ready, as you call it a day for the event. 

You can also get a company’s brand name done using colored confetti. It will spark the personal touch, which serves as an added treat.

3. Give Personalized Gifts

If you want your attendees to remember you forever, speak highly of you, and bring you clients through word-of-mouth. Then it is recommended to give them personalized gifts, which they can cherish as savior. 

It fits best for the social and memorialized event. 

However, the hardest thing in the world to do is to please everyone. It is a universal truth. 

But, engraving the attendees’ names on the gifts is not that hard, is it? And they will be forever grateful, too. 

Never forget – happy customers are the quickest means to $$$.

4. Show Your Passion of Videography through Dynamic Camera Angles

Another way to make your audience LOVE your event is by using videos to your advantage, especially in the corporate sector. 

You can compile old photographs, a company’s history, interviews of their oldest employees, etc. 

It is best to shoot the video from different angles. Especially when the sentiments take charge. Let your camera capture those moments from different angles. 

When you play that video during the event, it will absolutely put your delegates in sentimental awe.  Emotions = attachment = gratification  

They will be grateful to you for gifting them their vulnerable yet memorable moments.

Play it before or after dinner. Or whatever time befits the aura of the event. It is a subjective decision. 

Imagine how an employee would feel who has served the company for 20, 30 years. Or more. Try to live that moment. 

If this event was a Hollywood anniversary, and the video included snippets of the top-notch artists who are worth their salt. Then you, as an event organizer, would have been booked for the next two years straight. 

I cannot emphasize the importance of a video further. 

5. Customized Seating 

Add elements of surprise by using comfortable seats or couches to give people an unforgettable experience. It trickles down to knowing your target audience and the nature of the event you are organizing. 

For instance, 

  • If the audience is younger kids, you can use playful swings.
  • If you are targeting a mature and professional audience, try seats with charging ports. 
  • Or, if your avatar is between middle-age to elderly, try giving massage chair a shot. Seated therein, that they can feel relaxed. 

That said, do anything that shows your concern for them. That’s all there is to it! 

6. Guess the Baby in the Old Picture 

You can turn your attendees into laughing monsters with this little gesture. 

Ask everyone to send you their pic between 1 and 4 years old. Run it on a digital screen and allow people to match the baby with the grown-up person. 

Note: People are more likely to find it enjoyable if they already know them in some capacity. As in, colleagues, or batchmates, etc.

7. Serve the Food on the Table

Event Design Idea

Just like giving someone bed tea demonstrates your care for them, table tea works the same way. 

Cater to your guests by offering them food and drinks on their tables. So that they can focus on the more important things, such as discussions, and add the level of informality simultaneously. They can take part in important discussions or highlight a point while sipping tea. 

Remember the rule: happy prospect = more business 


8. Choose Venue Wisely 

“We believe that if you can recall where your conference took place, you can remember the agenda!” – Yvonne Hoé.

Irrespective of whether your event is simple or luxurious, held in a museum or a farmhouse, it must align with the present theme. 

Even the simplest of places can appear extravagant if you decorate them creatively.

Your choice of a venue or how you choose to décor will have a lasting impression on their minds. 

Another way of looking at it is by organizing an event in a historical space. Such as a museum. 

If you want to lure people into attending your event, how about picking it as a venue? 

Museums typically offer exhibitions and private tours as a cherry on top.  

9. Get Innovative with Decorative Papers and Colorful Fabrics 

Different types of decorative papers and fabrics can give a beautiful blend of lively colors. 

The decorative paper is typically expensive. However, purchasing it in bulk may reduce your cost.

As for the fabric, you can get your hands on the affordable yet good quality fabric. 

With paper, you can make place cards, and party favors, etc. Besides, the fabric can be used to drape things like tables, pillars, or ceiling to add more colors to space. 

10. Use Interesting Lights to Bring in Colors

image6 - 12 Event Design Ideas to Wow Your Delegates

Look. A beautiful evening is all about colors:  they are the central part of any event. 

Event planners typically use flowers to introduce different colors to the event. 

Flowers, per se, look pretty on display. But at the cost of a hefty price. 

So, it is generally advised to find affordable, and budget-friendly alternatives, such as colorful lights. 

With hundreds of different lights displaying tens of colors, you can shift the paradigm of colors altogether. 

Add lights near the spotlight to transform the whole spare. And watch your company prosper with flying colors. (Both literally and figuratively). 

11. Turn the Event into a Round Table Conference

Round table conferences normally give the impression of formal meetups. 

Not anymore. 

In this era, you can do anything to be innovative. 

Such as, instead of having 200 people sitting together in rows, you can set a round table for 8-10 people. 

Or have a U-shaped setup of tables. Even better, no?

The point is, do not jump on the bandwagon. Do something different than your competitors.

So that by the end of the event, your delegates give exciting remarks like,

Man! This event was AWESOME! I wish these people could take over the whole event industry.

12. Put Local Artwork or Photography on Display 

The art display is the economical way to add to the beauty of an already beautiful sight.  

One way to do it is by reaching out to the up-and-coming local artists. 

Strike a deal with them to use their items for FREE in exchange for listing the artwork for sale. 


To give a positive and lasting impression, you have to be creative. Test different things with different sets of audiences. Such as glam, nostalgia, activities, gifts, confetti, etc., will tell you more about your audience than the internet can tell you. 

Never running out of ideas to keep people hiring and rehiring you is your key to prosperity. 

With this ending note, what are you hella excited to try? 

Do you want to know how technology can help you in managing events before, during and after they happen? Book a demo today.

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