EventsCase unveils its new Livestreaming feature

EventsCase unveils its new Live Streaming feature

EventsCase launches its streaming feature with an eye on the worldwide demand for virtual and hybrid events.

Thousands of Event Profs are organising their portfolio of virtual events, and the need to have a robust platform that centralises the streaming process is growing.

With the new livestreaming feature, any event can now be transmitted directly from the EventsCase platform without the requirement of third-party tools.

All that the user has to do is to connect their preferred video production software, like Streamyard, to a custom RTMP protocol provided by us. It is super easy, and you can start streaming instantly.

Live Streaming for virtual events

“Since EventsCase was born, it has always positioned itself as an easy-to-use platform. This new development follows that line”, says Mentxu Sendino, EventsCase CMO. “It creates the possibility of launching an event live at the click of a button, in a single online area, with all the features that make the work of the Event Organiser streamlined, automated, and simple.” 

EventsCase Livestreaming works both on PCs and Macs. The feature is immediately available in all plans for current and new clients.

Feel like having a glimpse of what it looks like? Start today here!


Livestreaming Feature


In all EventsCase plans

Available now!

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