Video Production Hacks for Virtual Events

Video production hacks for virtual events

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As if organisers didn’t have enough on their plates this year, they’re now having to become their industry’s answer to Steven Spielberg. 

The rapid growth in virtual events has given us many things. Bigger audiences and more interactive experiences are two big plus points to consider. It’s also given us more skills to master, which isn’t always a good thing. 

Video production is one of the areas that very few organisers will have learned about during their training phase or early years in the profession. Before COVID-19, it was the kind of activity reserved for specialists in the field – outsourced at a considerable cost, or palmed off to the youngsters in the marketing department. But there are three very good reasons why that may no longer be the case. 

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Virtual events are growing but our budgets aren’t. COVID-19 has taught us to operate within our means, which usually prevents the hiring of specialists to help on the production side of things.

Hybrid format

Considering that 56% of organisers expect virtual events to “evolve parallel” to their physical counterparts, we are likely seeing the dawn of the hybrid format and the merging of in-person and digital for a multi-channel experience. This will definitely require us to obtain skills in areas like video production as we embrace a new way of running events.

Video production tools

Recent developments have made digital video production a very tameable beast. Organisers now have access to a series of tools and guides that will give them a professional touch without too much of an issue. In which case, why would they outsource it?

Ok, slow down. What exactly are we talking about?

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